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Trailer Repair Shop in Dallas, Texas

When it comes to trailers, we do more than just DOT inspections. Most common repairs are brakes, airlines, airbags and springs, landing gear, electrical and tires. We can also do welding for aluminum and steel trailers when required, as well as re-decking the floors with the wood or steel that you request. With Box trailers we can repair doors, siding and end caps. If you have a liftgate (or need a liftgate) on your trailer or truck we offer complete repair service and installation on them as well. As with semi-trucks, we can do repairs at our facility or we can dispatch our mobile trucks to your location if the trailer is unsafe to drive or won’t move. Next time you bring your truck in for service, bring your trailer in as well for preventive maintenance (PM) and if nothing else we will do an inspection at no charge.

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