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Truck Engine Repair Shop in Dallas, Texas

When your diesel truck engine has a loss of power or your “check engine light” comes on it usually means your emission system is in need of repair or cleaning. Newer model trucks typically need their diesel particulate filter (DPF) to be replaced or cleaned. Other common truck emission system problems include faulty diesel nitrous oxide (NOx) sensors and possibly a bad turbo charger, both of which can be replaced at Barnes Brothers Truck Repair in Dallas, Texas.

If you are unable to drive your truck due to loss of power and need an engine repair, call us for our mobile truck repair service in Dallas, Texas. Our experienced, certified mechanic will be dispatched to your location to quickly get your diesel truck up and running temporarily by doing a forced regen. If it is determined you need engine repair, we can have you towed to our truck repair shop in Dallas, Texas where we can repair all your engine problems, including engine replacement with new, rebuilt, or used engines as well as in-frame rebuilds, and fuel injectors.

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